Meet the ladies of Bennington House.  Each with their own hopes and dreams.  Will they be able to survive when dark forces surround the school or will they succumb to the intrigue that awaits?

Angela Wentworth (Jordan Jude)
She came in search of answers, what she has found is terrifying.
Bladen (Chi"Von Golden)
“A force to be reckon with, this young woman rules Bennington House from behind the scenes. When she perceives a threat, she takes the necessary steps to get rid of it. She thinks Angela is a threat and that means trouble – for Angela.”
Victoria (Maura Antas)
“It's her senior year – the year when all seems possible. Her future before her...or is it? In this year, she will face the most terrifying decision of or death.”as
Kyle (Yumi Ishibashi)
“Pretty, smart, invisible...She loathes being a follower, but does she have the cut throat instincts to take over. How far is she willing to go?”
Tiffany (Taylor Nicolette)
“Minion, Lackey, Troubled...Is this the year she asserts herself?”
Tammy (Noveen Crumb)
Would-be Private Eye, determined to solve mysteries even if they lead to danger.
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The young men of Whitney Prep ready to take on the challenges of the world.  Are they really the upstanding, responsible leaders of tomorrow or wolves in sheeps clothing?  Are they the sinister force or helpless sheep in the evil that approaches?

Mac (Taylor Napier)
Big man on campus with a rebel heart, craves escaping his world of privilege.
Frederic (Mark Jaeger)
Quiet schemer, shrewd manipulator, what exactly is his agenda?
Skip (Cory Chance)
Loyal friend or backstabber traitor? Jokester or Villain or both?
Benji (Malcolm Bowen)
"Beneath the simple, quiet surface, exists a very complicated young man. This is the year Benji will discover how much he can take."
Harrison (Sullivan Moore)
“Leader, Conflicted, Lovesick, his obsession lead to death, to rectify his actions, he created a monster.”
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