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Established in the late 1800's by the Bennington Family, Bennington House School for Girls has been a premiere institution for educating young women. For over 100 years, young girls have matriculated into Bennington House graduating into society as well-rounded young ladies.

It is the summer session and life at Bennington House is about to get very interesting. Whitney Prep, a nearby private school for young men, has had a suspcious fire, leaving the dormitories unlivable for three months. Agatha Bennington, Headmistress of Bennington House, has allowed Whitney Prep's summer students to attend classes at Bennington house despite the protests of Professor Raven Chandler. Also a new student has come to the school with ulterior motives. Her name is Angela Wentworth. She has just discovered that she is adopted and that Bennington House could hold the secret to her parentage. Angela keeps seeing a young girl who gives her ominous messages and someone is trying to kill her. Add to this, the abandoned estate just pass the graveyard has been inhabited by a trio of vampires, the Cravens.

Who will survive the summer at Bennington House?

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